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What are Emotional Freedom Techniques?

EFT is considered a powerful self applied stress management tool that uses elements of cognitive therapy and acupressure. As in acupuncture, pressure points on the face and body can send calming signals to the central nervous system which can relieve the intense physical reactions the body is experiencing during stress. Relieving the physical intensity can allow for a calming in the mind as well.  A two finger tapping sequence is used while we verbalize the situation and feeling with a statement of acceptance. These tapping sequences are intended to reduce emotional intensity, and open clearer cognitive processing to work through difficult experiences.

Life Giving Connections are about restoring the connections within ourselves and in our most important relationships.

If you are looking for help on your caregiving journey as an adoptive parent, parent of a child with neurodiversity or other unique challenges WELCOME! The resources here are simple yet can be profound in support and impact. Together we explore your struggles with the goal to reduce stress and overwhelm and increase your emotional strength and resiliency. You can access EFT and Consultation to increase your self-care and strategies to navigate your caregiving journey.

Emotional Freedom Technique for parents

Are you Experiencing?

My Approach: As an adoptive parent and a parent of children with neuro-diversity, I know there are unique caregiving challenges and difficulties navigating our lives with children with special needs. As a coach I know caregivers need simple effective tools that can relieve the intensity of our daily lives and restore our endurance to be compassionate strong leaders for our children and families. Using neuro-science based research we can break this cycle of stress and overwhelm. 

Please note*

While Danielle Rae is an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner her services are not licensed by the state of North Carolina. She is not a psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care provider. Therefore, she does not provide psychological or medical diagnosis or treatments or any other licensed health care services in her coaching and consulting practice.

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Danielle Rae is an EFT coach & consultant specializing in offering support for parents and caregivers with the goal to help them manage stress through difficult seasons of family life.

She is passionate about using Emotional Freedom Techniques in support of parenting adoptive children and parenting children with neurodiversity. Providing psychoeducation and emotional management tools for the parenting journey and showing the efficacy of EFT and Simplicity Parenting Approach in supporting parents in being with children in the most difficult places.